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What is analytics and why do I need it?

Here's a good analogy - someone shouts with excitement, "Hey everyone, I lost 40 lbs!" As everyone congratulates them, the inevitable question comes quickly. "Wow, how did you do it?!" "Actually, I don't really know. I tried 10 different diets and four types of exercise programs."

A website is a business' virtual storefront and provides a user interface for customers to interact with the company. Analytics are an important tool for businesses to measure the success of their website. They help a business figure out where potential customers are coming from and what content is effective at converting potential customers into buyers. The data can also identify weak points in a company's website design, helping to make it more user-friendly and effective.

How does one know the path to success, if you don't know how you got there? Reporting and analytics might be boring to some, but we love numbers, and we LOVE split testing. Simply put, numbers don't lie, and your goal is to give your customers exactly what they want. Click below for a completely free audit of your website and let's get your brand in front of the world! There are no strings attached and perhaps you'll be surprised what we find!