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Why Do I Need Marketing If I'm A Small Business?

Marketing today is more than just advertising. It incorporates a diverse range of sources, including but not limited to social media, word-of-mouth and press coverage.  The field has changed in the past decade as consumers have grown to demand more customized interactions.  Marketing is becoming more personalized because it needs to cater to different types of audiences and engage them in meaningful ways that align with their needs.  Content often takes form as social media posts, which are quick and easy for both marketers and consumers alike.  They provide insight into what brand values are being conveyed in a personal way people can easily connect with through likes, shares and comments on posts that resonate with them personally or off topics they find relatable or entertaining from brands they like following on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Marketing is important because it is the key component of any successful business, but even more at the local level.  It is important to understand your target audience and find out what they want.  Marketing can be a sexy flyer and a QR code with a special promo, an exciting email sent to your customers about your latest updates, or it can be an aggressive Facebook or Google ads campaign.  Or, all of the above!  

There are no limits to the methods, but just like in life – if you do nothing, you get nothing.  Click below for a completely free audit of your website and let’s get your brand in front of the world!  There are no strings attached and perhaps you’ll be surprised what we find!