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What is Reputation Management?

It's a fact - companies live and die based on their reputation and specifically, customer reviews. It is important for companies to have a positive reputation, but not every company can afford to hire an entire marketing department to manage their reviews and social presence. For these companies, reputation management is a priority. Reputation can be earned through strong customer service, a quality product and by being honest with all customers.

If a company has a good reputation, it will have more trust with its customers which in turn increases sales. The importance of a companies reputation can not be stressed enough. It reflects the values and ethics of the company to its customers and is what helps build trust between them. If you have a good reputation then your sales will increase as you are seen as trustworthy in comparison to your competitors who may not have such an excellent reputation due to unethical practices or bad customer service skills.

A company's reputation is also important because it directly affects the bottom line - there is just no other way to put it. Michael, our company's founder, is notorious for doing his own reputation management research before he purchases anything for him or his family.

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